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3m Solar Control Products

3M Night Vision Low Reflective, Glare, and Heat Reducing Window Film

3M ’s Night Vision window film is an innovative line of window film that uses proprietary technology developed by3M . “Often, films with the greatest sun control and glare reduction capabilities are so reflective that they are difficult to see through, especially at night,” says Eric Askeland, 3M Senior Technical Service Engineer. “Night Vision Window Film reduces solar heat by up to 52 percent and UV rays by up to 99 percent, and it reduces glare by 73 percent, making it one of the top performers in the industry. And, when you’re on the inside looking out, the film’s low reflectivity gives you clear views


3M Prestige Non Reflective Clear High Heat Reducing Window Film

Enhanced comfort: non-metalized, spectrally-selective films reject up to 97% of the sun;s heat-producing infrared light, helping keep interiors cool and energy bills lower

Enhanced protection: by blocking up to 99% of UV rays,the films also help extend the life of furnishings and the largest cause of fading, According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, window film is one of several recommended safeguards against uv damage

3M Thinsulate It Like Adding A Extra Pane Of Glass

Thinsulate™ Window Film has properties that allow it to reduce the solar energy entering a building, the film is also designed to help prevent the transfer of radiant heat from one side of the glass to the other. Radiant heat is based solely on the temperature difference between the outside of the glass and the inside of the glass. Therefore, the Low E properties of Thinsulate™ Window Film helps keep warm air inside during the winter months, and keep the warm air outside during summer months


3M Ultra 600/800 A Product To Stand Behind

  • Mitigates hazards from shattered glass due to natural and human causes.
  • Increases security and provides added protection against smash and grab burglaries.
  • Helps provide protection to people and property from flying glass in natural disasters.

3M Commercial Window Films

Consider the following benefits of 3M Commercial Window Film:

  • Increases comfort by reducing glare on computer screens and minimizing solar hot spots.
  • Provides energy savings up to one ton of air conditioning for every 100 square feet of glass exposed to the sun.
  • Protects against violent weather by minimizing flying glass during storms.
  • Enhances crime prevention by impeding quick access by smash-and-grab burglars.
  • Provides security from bomb blasts and terrorism by holding broken panes in place to help prevent flying shards of glass.
  • Reduces damage and costs associated with graffiti by replacing only the window film that was vandalized instead of the expensive glass beneath the film.
  • Enhances privacy without sacrificing natural light.
  • Provides a cost effective and flexible alternative to etched glass treatments

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3M™ Safety & Security Window Films

  • Commercial Window Film Business Window Tint
  • Severe weather protection: minimize flying glass due to violent weather events
  • Crime prevention: impede the quick access that smash-and-grab thieves are looking for
  • Bomb blast protection: hold broken panes in place to help prevent flying shards of glass
  • Available in clear safety film or with a tinted sun control option
  • Graffiti management: save money when you replace only the window film that was vandalized instead of the expensive glass beneath the film